I’m Baaaack!

I have been cooking some good eats lately. Give me a minute while I pat myself on the back. And give myself a high five. Now, that’s better.

I’ll start with my breakfast/brunch/lunch. It is so good that I drool thinking about it and I want it at every meal. Just a little something-something I concocted with goods from the local farmer’s stand.

Farm egg, monterey jack cheese, avocado and zebra tomatoes on Arnold sandwich wheat thin

Moving onto dinner.

The pic above was the base for Mexican quinoa, which resurfaced a day later on a bed of spinach in the Nordstrom parking lot. Yes, I brown bagged my lunch to the mall. Dork.

Yes, I am eating in my car

The quinoa dish originally started out as an accompaniment to the best chicken enchiladas ever. I am a recent adopter of the vegetarian lifestyle (though known to make occasional exceptions for Chick-fil-a spicy chicken sandwiches and hotdogs), but I HAD to eat one of these bad boys. What was going to be a “taste” turned into three enchiladas (at 4 pm in the afternoon) and two more the next day. Because everyone needs to eat five enchiladas within a 20-hour period ….

Simmering the day away ...
The enchilada mix in my beautiful Jadite bowl -- thanks Mom!

I’ll move on to last Monday night … one of the more creative “dinners”. J and Mare were gone to Nonny and Papa’s so I just had Little Man, and Lance was taking clients out to dinner, so this happened:

Spinach, of course!

Let me explain. I had some sweet potatoes (roasted with olive oil, sea salt, cumin, cinnamon and agave syrup) I wanted to use up, a bag of spinach that was about to go bad and some random veggie sausages in the freezer. Dinner!

Really, truth be told, I just wanted to try out the new fro-yo place up the street. But, we had to eat some resemblance of dinner first. Nicky woke up late from his nap and as I had him cocked on my hip strolling through the kitchen, he pointed to the sweet potatoes. I gave him one and he ate it, and then he ate another and then another. Before I knew it, he was eating dinner on the kitchen counter — raw spinach (green “blankets” for the sweet potatoes) and veggie sausages, too! I guarantee you that if I had sat a plate of these lovely items at the kitchen table, he would have pushed it away. Sometimes, you just have to think outside the box and embrace the easy way out novel randomness :)

Now this is just weird ...

Then there was this meal on another Daddy-less night (he has been pre-tty busy lately). I don’t know what was up with Nick but it seemed like he was fasting a few days last week. Teeth maybe? Anyway, this meal CRUSHED the fast. Spinach tortellini with homemade pesto (with basil from Nonny’s garden) and grape tomatoes. The kids inhaled this ten-minute meal.

Little veggie man
Peace! Save the animals -- haha

And wrapping it up for today, I will show you this and demand you make it, though the pic doesn’t do it justice. So easy and so good. I made it for Lance and the boys to feast on after a night of rowdy debauchery. More on that later … And no, by “boys” I’m not talking about Jack and Nick (well not little Nick anyway).

Because you have to make two loaves if you're going through the trouble of pulling out the flour and baking powder

One thought on “I’m Baaaack!

  1. so happy to hear that you enjoyed the mexican quinoa and enchiladas. they are both favorites of mine too…especially the enchiladas. ridiculous!

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